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The Trouble With Susie Chapter 4

Posted on September 9, 2009 at 1:58 PM


“Susie, Susie, can you hear me”, Daniel asked.

“Hmmm, Daniel what happened”?

“You fainted. Are you all right”?



She stood up, shook her head no, and started crying.

“What is wrong? Please tell me”

“My Aunt Sherry”…sniff, whah ahhh ahhh, sniff sniff

Daniel reached out and she fell onto his shoulder.

He let her cry.

Finally, she was able to pull herself together.

“You should sit down”, Daniel said.



She shook her head in agreement and walked inside.

“Can you tell me now”, Daniel asked once they were seated on the sofa.

She shook her head yes.

“Sherry and the baby”…

She started crying again.

When she was able to speak, she said, “While she was giving birth they didn’t make it”.

“Oh Susie, I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do”?

“No, thank you Daniel”.

“Well can I get you anything, something to drink maybe”?

“Sure”, she said as she shook her head.



She heard her grandparents pull into the driveway just as Daniel came back in with a glass of water.



The days passed in a blur. The house was always full of family and friends offering their condolences and bringing food.



Grandma came in and woke her up the morning of the funeral. In her waking moments she had forgot what happened until she began to open her eyes and felt that they were swollen.

She got up, showered and slipped into the black dress that she had pulled from the closet the night before. She’d skip breakfast, she didn’t feel like eating.



They were the first to arrive at the church. They had done a wonderful job setting up and even had pictures of Sherry on a nearby table.



People began to fill the pews as the family paid their last respects. It was a very sad time indeed.



Grandma took it especially hard. Sherry was her last remaining child. If only she hadn’t decided to have a child so late in life she might still be with us, she lamented.



Bill was so upset that he ran of out the church leaving stunned looks on faces.



After the funeral grandma came to her.

“Susie, I need to talk to you”, she said.


“Your Uncle Bill is taking this hard. He’s asked if we’d be willing to keep Cassie for awhile”.

“I think that would be great”, Susie said.

“Yes, I agree. That child needs plenty of attention now. The only problem is we don’t have the money to support another mouth. I don’t know what to do, Susie”.



“I could get a job”, Susie said.



“No, you can’t do that, you are going to college”, grandma insisted.

“It won’t be forever grandma. I can start next year. Cassie needs us right now”.



“All right, well let’s see what you grandpa has to say about it”, she agreed.



Grandpa agreed that she could wait one year to start college.

The next day she went out to search for a job.

She tried the Day Spa first. They weren’t looking for anyone.



She went next door to the library. They had no openings.



Feeling a bit frustrated, she stopped by the grocery store. They offered her a part-time job as a cashier. She immediately accepted.



She had to adjust her speed several times on the way home. She was so excited. She could hardly wait to tell everyone the news.



She jumped out of the vehicle and raced toward the house screaming, “I got a job, I got a job”!



Grandma laughed as she hugged her.

“Call Uncle Bill and tell him to bring Cassie now”, she squealed.



“All right child calm down”, grandma said as she headed to the phone.

Susie stood anxiously while she talked to Bill.

When she hung up she said, “He’ll be over as soon as they get her things packed”.



Susie was the first to welcome Cassie.



Grandma got busy putting her things away. As she put the last of it away, she heard a knock at the door. Whom could that be she thought?



Looking over at the door, she saw it was Daniel. She went to let him in as she yelled, “Susie, Daniel is here”.

“Ok, I’ll be right there”, she yelled back.


To be continued...


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